Beauty that the World Needs

Beauty that the World Needs

Beauty attracts human towards itself.If a person sees the beauty of nature , he will feel happy and peace of mind full day. Nature is good friend of human because it provides peace of mind and he get red of his sorrowness and he close to God.

All the Saints and gurus described the beauty of nature in their literature. They were very close to nature and felt the existence of super power God. Many poets and philosophers described about the beauty of Nature. Beautiful person is not that whose physical features are attractive but beautiful that who is beautiful by his / her deeds. Most of the people count the beauty with outer beauty.

Actual beauty is counted internal beauty. Some time we see a person who does not look smart but when we interact that person than his / her inner beauty comes in-front of us. Real beauty can be judge by his / her behavior. Beauty means beauty but mind means knowledge.

Actually beauty is a beauty of mind.If we see, our surrounding is full of beauty. In the morning, glance the beauty of nature – rising the sun, chirping the birds, blowing the air , swinging the plants and trees by air, blooming the flowers . Then we enjoy this beauty we get a peace of mind. But today human has no tie to enjoy this beauty of nature. He became a machine.

He runs after the materialistic things. He has become a victim of loneliness. Thoughts are the mirror of inner beauty of man .. By his or her talking we can judge the thoughts of that person . Physical beauty does mot matter if the thinking of person is very cheap .What is use to be smart if there is no pity on innocent people. Help the needy people also is the part of beauty. Dera Sacha Sauda’s volunteers have a such beauty.

They are always ready to serve the needy people without selflessness. So virtues are be counted as beauty. Good language affects upon others. Our language shows our inner beauty. Outer beauty lived for a short time but inner beauty everlasting. So that person who enjoy the beauty of nature no doubt he could not see the real vision of God but he feels the closeness of super power through the nature.

When he feels the real beauty of nature then spontaneously he becomes writer or poet. Poet is always shows nearness to God though his poetry. Poet Words worth and John Keats describe the beauty of nature in their poems ‘Daffodils’ and ‘A Thing of Beauty’. So everything created by God is full of beauty

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