Is Technology a Boon or Bane?

Is Technology a Boon or Bane?

Today we discuss about technology, what technology is and where its users are, technology refers to scientific knowledge. Technology is a science and knowledge that we use practically to solve problems.

Technology has a big contribution in our life. Technology is of two types, positive and negative. We will discuss some negative aspects.

Today a lot of new technology has been created, such as some industries, because of which a lot of pollution is spread and they are also spreading many diseases. It also costs a lot to bring new technology, which also has a huge impact on our budget. With all the work done by the machinery, the workers have been unemployed because all the work is done by the machines.

Along with the negative aspects of technology, there are many positive aspects like

Human beings have made many advances in technology such as telephone, mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. With the help of which we can work the hours in a few minutes. For example, working in a computer saves a lot of time.

Due to Technology, a lot of resources have also come in transporting, so we will not have any problem in going anywhere.

With the arrival of mobile phones, it has become very easy to talk to each other and there has been a lot of improvement in communication as well.

Today, the world has made a lot of progress in technology, we get to know what is going on in the whole world by sitting at home through television, mobile phone, social network etc.

Technology is also very important for business, such as computer, we can do every job quickly, this makes all the work very easy and all the work is quick, there is a lot of profit in business as well.

The development of technology is very beneficial for humans, it also has a huge contribution in the medical level, such as very modern machines have come in medical hospital now a days, which can easily detect any disease and controlling it and the life of human being can be saved.

Technology is also used in school college such as computer digital camera and mobile-like device so that we can do everything easily. There are some benefits of using technology in the classroom such as

  • Knowledge improves perception,
  • Helps the student to learn good skills in life.
  • Helpful to improves knowledge of students
  • Best for teachers.

Technology strengthens the relationship between teacher and student. Technology makes teaching and learning even more meaningful.

Technology is very important in business because it easy the way of working like machinery can easily transfer the goods from here to there.

Technology also has a huge contribution in farming. Like today a lot of machinery has come up, which has made it very easy to work on farming and it is also getting maximum benefits.

Technology is very important in our life. We have seen that there are many benefits of technology, but along with it there are many disadvantages of technology as it is increasing the pollution , accidents crowd etc.

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