Nature – A Precious Gift from God

Nature – A Precious Gift from God

Nature is the phenomena of a physical world. It provides us variety of flowers, rivers, mountains, lands, plants, animal, birds, colorful fishes, sunlight, moonlight, shining stars, sky, features of the earth, air and including human creation. Human is the part and parcel of the nature. Where ever we see all around us nature gives pleasure and peace of mind. Nature is a precious gift on this planet by God, where we live. Green environment protects us from various illness.

Nature is like a mother. It brings up a human. It provides us basic needs of life. Plants provide us food, clothes, shelter as well as medicine. Nature does not partiality with creature. It provides oxygen to all. Sources of water provide life without any discrimination. Natural scenes gives happiness those who contacts directly to it. Nature provides us various weathers, climates, seasons which are the essential part of our life. Nature is the good helper of creation to lead their life. Everything of the nature helpful and protector for human.

As the user of nature, there are our responsibilities to protect our nature. We should not harm the nature by creating problems like pollution, deforestation and any global warming etc. When we do such types of activities then nature becomes cruel for us. Floods, storms, earthquakes and valconas are due the careless of human beings.

It is our duty to protect the nature and natural resources which are very important for us. Plant more trees to protect our environment from pollution. It is responsibility of every person of the society to grow plants to make our Eco system in balance. Dera Sacha Sauda followers took pledge to save the nature by planting more and more trees in every year on the occasion of birthday of their guru. So as the habitants of this realm we should enjoy this precious gift of God . We should take a pledge do not harm it otherwise it will destroy us.

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