Switzerland: Heaven for Visitors

Switzerland: Heaven for Visitors

If we talk about the most beautiful in the world and considered heaven on this planet than we call the name of Switzerland. This is one of the best places to spend precious moments of life to make them rememberable. It provided beautiful locations to shoot most of the movies. If any body wants to make his life’s moment unforgettable than it is the right place to enjoy. Switzerland is located in the Centre of Europe. It is surrounded by Germany to the North, France to the west, Austria to the East and Italy to the South.

It does not have official capital , the city de facto seat of government in the Germany. There is semi direct democratic federal republic. Federal Legislative power is vested into two chambers like National council and council of states. President is elected for one year He is head of the country.

The people of Switzerland speak French, Italian and 65% German language. The population of Switzerland is 8,613,279 is estimated to equivalent to 0.11% of the total world population. The nationality of people is Swiss.

Climate is mostly with no excessive heat, cold and humidity. From July to August the daytime temperature range 8 to 20 degree Celsius and January to February 2 to 7 and in spring and autumn the daytime 8 to 15 degree Celsius.It is highly recommended to visitors to visit in months April to August in summer and November to March in winter low season in most parts of the country. As there would be intensive snowstorms best chance fir ski trips.

It is truly the land of picture perfect main towns, postcards that like villages, amazing cheese, chocolates and utter peace. The warm hospitality and punctuality will definitely amaze you. The weather in Switzerland might be wet during this season than summer.Accommodations will be cheaper, the wildflowers will be blooming all across the valleys and ride on the cable cars will offer stunning view. April to August in summer season the slopes will be 50% higher expensive, mountains resort will be open and get great choices of places to stay.Travel system offers variety of different travel passes for different budgets and kids duration starting at 205 euros for 3 days, second class pass and 4, 8 and 15 days passes offer value the longer you stay. Kids under 16 can travel free with parents , guardian and youth aged 16 to 25 get ride on significance discount.Most important places to visit are Matterhom, Jungfraujoch, Interlchen , Luccme, Lake Geneva , Chateau de chillion Mountain, St Martez, Bern, Zurich, The Rhine Falls, Swiss National Park.

Switzerland is called paradise on earth because of breathtaking of mountains, lakes murmurings streams , rippling cascades, picturesque Alpen , villages,belling cows grazing sloping meadows , melody land out vineyards , well arranging system , clean environment, high quality founded climate, excellent services, great outdoor sports, comfortable transport system.Low crime rate , absence poverty, sounds heavenly. Sum up At the last we can say the people of Switzerland are probably the most fortunable on the planet. Healthy wealthy and thanks to an out-stand education system, wise. They enjoy a life that most can be only dream of. So it is called a paradise.

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