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DEPTH Campaign: A Boon for Indian Society

Youth is always considered as the foundation of a nation. However, have you ever thought what would happen to a country whose youth gets incapacitated mentally? It is one of the debatable issues among the intellectuals of our society. As per stats revealed by the Narcotics Bureau department, India’s next generation is gradually becoming mentally weak, and the prominent cause behind such a drastic condition is ‘drug- addiction’. Almost 11 lakhs people under the age of 50 die every year due to drug abuse. It is a pressing matter of concern which must be addressed immediately.

In order to combat it, various measures have been taken by the government and organizations. But these have not proved to be efficient enough and there’s need to do more. In contrast, a campaign called ‘DEPTH Campaign’, initiated by social reformer Baba Ram Rahim has been creating waves of change. Under this campaign people are encouraged to quit drugs with the help of method of meditation.


Drug Addiction – A New Fashion Statement

In this contemporary era, engaging in late night parties where intake of intoxicants is common has apparently become a new status symbol for the youth, who are easily influenced by the western lifestyles and excessive outwardly display of luxury. People who don’t consume drugs are not even considered as members of modern society. To prove their worth and be a part of the so-called modern society, many individuals begin taking drugs. Unfortunately, this trend is rampant, and individuals fail to recognize their core values, falling into the devious trap of drugs.

To enrich people with religious norms and make them feel confident in their own skin, social reformer Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji has motivated them through offline and online spiritual discourse and imparted them the Method of Meditation.

DEPTH – A Fight against Drugs

With drug addiction becoming a new norm nowadays, not only have the youth been crippled but teenagers and children have also fallen into this trap. To eradicate this social evil and make society a better place to live, stringent actions must be taken. Although various awareness campaigns have been initiated, this monster is still spreading its wings. In such a dire situation only a spiritual leader or true saint can save the community. Baba Ram Rahim is such a true saint who has been burning the midnight oil to root out this social evil.

DEPTH – Drug Eradication Pan India through Health and Meditation

On 2nd November 2022, Saint Dr. MSG alias Ram Rahim did a huge favor upon the entire human race by introducing a new initiative to help youth get rid of drugs, and be empowered with the help of meditation. While introducing it, his holiness said that God’s name is so powerful that it can change the life of a human by turning impossible into possible.

Dera Sacha Sauda has forever been the forerunner in leading welfare works at a humungous level. Keeping in view the forlorn state of society and the consistently expanding number of survivors of chronic drug use, DEPTH campaign was commenced.

Guru ji has put a lot of emphasis on the need to change the deteriorating social scenario. He has been inculcating meditation to the masses and inspiring them to make it a part of daily routine, through online spiritual congregations. As per him, meditation has immense benefits. It can boost willpower and enhance self-confidence which, in turn, can help people to alter their bad habits. Moreover, drug consumption is totally banned in the basic three principles of Dera Sacha Sauda which are stated while imparting Method of Meditation. Apart from this, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers have also been actively participating in the DEPTH campaign to help root out this monster.

Be Active India

In order to make India a drug-free nation, it is imperative to put forward joint efforts. Guru ji urges everyone, including government bodies, NGOs, religious bodies and all the individuals to actively participate to get rid of this menace. He emphasizes that it is the duty of every individual.

Guru ji also elucidates how measures should be initiated at village level, zone level and then expanded to state level. Through this, awareness can be brought to the masses and the cycle of drug sale can be halted.  Further, Saint Dr. MSG also laid emphasis that the public should pressurize the government officials to take stringent action against such evil powers who engage in the trade of drug distribution, so that the web of drug can be eliminated.

Music – A New Tool to Fight against Drugs

Music plays an important role in our life. It is not just a form of expression but also a healer. Today’s young generation is more engrossed in music. They not only listen to music to rejuvenate themselves but also absorb the meaning of the lyrics. Therefore, Baba Ram Rahim has used it as an instrument to spread awareness among youngsters and motivated them to not consume drugs.

A new Haryanvi song ‘Aashirvaad Maaon Ka’ was launched by Saint MSG urging the officials, whether they are village heads or state authorities, to take steps against drug addiction so that youth can be saved from the vicious cycle of drugs. Besides this, he also launched a Punjabi song Named “Jaago Duniya De Loko” to make people aware about the catastrophic impacts of drugs.  Guru ji even directed the village heads and individuals to put a strict watch over drug dealers and deport them so that entry of drugs can be stopped altogether.  The intent is that if the entry of drugs itself is banned, youth won’t have access to it. Thus, massive steps can be taken to address this issue.

Conversion of drug addicts into Assets of India

It is often opined by people that quitting drugs is almost impossible because various medicines used by rehabilitation centers to help drug addicts create more negative impacts. However, the approach followed at Dera Sacha Sauda is unique; people are imparted the Method of Meditation, that helps them attain immense will power and self-confidence. Along with this, they are given free nutritional kits under SAFE campaign to recover swiftly from weakness. There are many live examples of people who have been able to leave their dependence on drugs by doing welfare works and reciting God’s name within just 7 to 15 days. Their transformation into stronger and capable citizens of India is very appreciable. Many of them have also inspired others to quit drugs via meditation.

It is the need of the hour to take collective measures to curb this menace completely. Let’s join DEPTH campaign to make India a drug free nation and take it to new heights of development.

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