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Hairstyles For Round Chubby Faces: 20+ Short Classy Haircuts To Choose

Are you the one who is looking for hairstyles for round chubby face? If so, this article is for you. There could be a million of styling tips but what you choose is what styles you. Your haircut and hairstyle gives a well defined shape to your face and fills you with confidence. Once you decide to choose your haircut, you choose a frame to your face which glorifies its features.

There are various face shapes and each one of them have its own uniqueness. It definitely matters that what your face shape is. There are multiple shapes like diamond, heart, and oval, rectangular, square and round. Surprisingly they are further classified into various others and even more. Each shape helps you in choosing your look. This piece of content explains in detail which haircut suits for round face female.

The most important thing while styling is to identify yourself. It’s tough to style a round face as it has simplicity as compared to others. A person with round face does not have sharpness. Face features without sharpness give a childish look to your face but there’s also a master key that round face have more choices for styling while other’s have a limitation. Often people have this perception that a woman with round face must not have a short haircut, which is absolutely not correct. If styled correctly, every haircut can beautify the round face and can enhance its charm.

Hairstyles for Round Chubby Faces

Usually the hairstylist has to work as per the hair texture and try to turn a round face into an oval face visual illusion. Having a haircut which covers the ear is also a great tip to keep in mind while working upon a new hairstyle. There is a myth that round face people should not go for round haircuts, which is absolutely not true. The truth is if the hairstylist works closely on the defining edges, occasional tresses and adding texture to a short haircut, it can easily be turned into a stunning look. Today, we are going to share the best suited haircuts/ hairstyle for round face to look slim.

1. Classic Bob

A classic bob cut can be a great option for those who do not have much volume in their hair. The length is kept at just below the ears and just above the chin. Hair are cut in the same length. It looks the best in any kind of hair partition. You can go with a mid-partition in a formal event and side partition in a casual one. If you have natural waves in your hair then they will work as the icing on the cake.

2. Side Swept Lob

A side swept lob can immediately transform your look. In this haircut, the length is kept at an inch below the chin, which is also around your collarbone. Due to its length and appearance, it takes the attention away from your jawline or chin. This haircut covers your forehead in an asymmetrical manner, which makes you look like a little diva.

3. Pixie with Volume

Pixie is a haircut which comes with a maintenance flow with it. If maintained properly, it looks gorgeous on any woman. Every hair stylist has different ways to come to a great result. Usually the length is kept shorter on the sides and the back and a little longer at the top to give it that simple yet so elegant look.

4. Voluminious Do

If you have oversized curls, then this option can be the best way to give them and outstanding look. To maximize the volume, you can flip your hair upside down to dry the roots. It gives them a max volume look.

5. Graduated Bob

Are you looking for a low maintenance haircut? Are you looking for a casual and a bit more put together look? If the answer is yes to both the questions, then a graduated bob is the haircut for you. From the front, the length is kept below the chin, however a bit shorter at the back. The best thing about graduated bob cut is that be it straight or wavy hair, it works best with all kind of textures.

6. Curly and Short

There is a myth that curly hair should not be cut short. The truth is you just need an amazing hairstylist to keep your hair stylish. In this kind of hair texture, the hairstylist needs to put multiple layers to keep it look less voluminous.

7. Bouncy and Long Layers

It draws the viewer’s attention downwards when the texture is added to the bottom. It also gives an illusion of having a long facial shape. This haircut can be tried with textured hair.

8. The Lob

The lob is a good to go for a round face. The length stays neither too long nor too short. The length is kept at a level that if you want you can pull your hair back and keep them off your face. It is usually kept at a level almost to the shoulders and below the chin. The volume is added at the top of the head to define the shape.

9. Short Bob with highlights

A short bob is the most picked haircut among the people with round face. If you want to distract the viewer from the roundness of the face, then getting the highlights done can be a savior. Highlights look beautiful as well as trendy.

10. Classic Blunt Bob

A blunt haircut helps you to shift the focal point to the features of your face. You can go for a clean cut chin length cut, which is a fit for any occasion. A great tip to make your face less chubby is that you go for an off centered partition.

11. Flowing layers

Flowing layers around your face hide all the curves of your face and if you love voluminous hair and long hairs then it’s best to choose flowing layers. It styles your round face and gives you cute look along with elongating volume.

12. Wavy haircut

There are many women who prefer medium haircut and it is a good choice. It lengthens your upper hair and gives you slimmer look at the bottom. Wavy haircut gives leaner appearance to a chubby faces.

13. Sleek straight long hair

Another great choice for round face is a long and sleek style hair. If you don’t prefer voluminous hair, this is what you want. Long sleek hair with straightness lacks in volume and perfectly style you.

14. Long hair with fringe

If you do not want to go for layering then, fringe can be a good option. You can try fringe with long hairs as when fringes are combined with short hair, they look gorgeous but unfortunately that’s not the case for the round face.

15. Hot curls

If you love ruling styles, curls are always in trend and will be. Choose the short curls. Short hair with curls can be maintained with a few tips in hand can add a beautiful bounce to your hair. These curls can give you a stunning party as well as casual look.

16. Short haircut with bangs

Short haircut with bangs are one of the sassiest eye-catching low- maintenance looks. You can go with this one if you believe your hair are thin. If you choose it as your party look then you will be surprised to see that how this styling brings attention to your beautiful eyes.

17. Invisible layering

There are two types of layering which are appearing and invisible one. Invisible layering doesn’t appear but gives a fine diminishing volume to your hair. This technique is often used for thinner hair and it helps in creating volume, texture and adding fullness to the hair.

18. Straight Collarbone Cut

Straight collarbone cut is an easy haircut and kind of on the go hairstyle to make your hair look less voluminous and more perfect. From a slimmer top to a finely edging bottom, it gives a slimmer look to your round face. It is a simple yet very attractive haircut.

19. Teased deeply partly bob

Teased deeply partly bob haircut includes one large wave that hits at the temples and falls vertically down, elongating the round face. An easy hairstyle to make your thin hair look bouncy and dazzling.

20. Angled Brunette Bob

Short hairs are anyway eye catching and if you keep them with an angled brunette bob, it will hide your face roundness and curves by attracting everyone’s attention. The front angel brunette gives a quite interesting look to the simplicity of your face.

21. Classic Pixie

If you have naturally wavy and thick hair, then pixie can be a stylish as well as cute pick for you. Pixie is a popular hairstyle among women over 50 as it defies age as well. It also comes with a commitment that if you want you want to maintain it then you need to get them trimmed every four to six weeks.

22. The Box Bob

The box bob is one of those haircuts which are always trendy, youthful and professional. It is an even line from front to back without any layers and with a blunt shape. It creates an illusion of a slim face and an elongating face shape.

23. Clippered Pixie

The clippered pixie cut is kept tight on the sides and back. It is a popular pick among stylists as it slims the face and creates height by elongating the face shape.

There are many styles available which can change your look completely. Sometimes you do not need to change anything, but you need a little more confidence. As long as you are having confidence in yourself you can rule in any style. Have confidence in yourself whatever style you choose for yourself will definitely give you desired results.

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