Worldwide Corona virus Update

Coronavirus has affected millions of life since its outbreak in the first quarter of 2020. The world has witnessed several pandemics in last few centuries, but nothing has been so ruthless like COVID-19.

Doctors and scientists are working day in out to find a cure or to invent a vaccine. As the progress report says, it still seems there are miles to go before we get a permanent solution to this problem. Not to forget, the contribution of State Police, Municipal Corporation and Sanitizing teams working to ensure safety and well-being of all.

The Worldwide Coronavirus Updates

212 countries have been affected by the coronavirus COVID 19. So far more than 3 million cases have been registered. The figure has tripled from 1 million, in the month of April only. The confirmed deaths reported are 233,542 and about 970,301 recoveries as this article is being written.

There have been more a million cases from The USA. Maximum number of cases are reported from the USA, then, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, France and rest of the world follows.

Some countries are doing very well in these times of panic. They imposed some very strict guidelines at a very early stage of pandemic. They took social distancing seriously and today their population is safer than the rest of the world.

Economies are struggling and population is suffering. The virus has shaken every country across the globe. Be it a super power, developed nation or developing countries, everyone is in the same boat and wish that we all will sail through this.

Coronavirus Cases in India and How We are Fighting Back

As this article being written, there are 25007 active cases, 8888 patients have been cured and the death toll stands at 1147. Continuous efforts are being put by medical staff. Multiple times tests are conducted on the same patient to ensure there is no loose end to it. Comparatively, India is doing pretty well. The doubling rate of the cases has reached the mark of 12 days, which was 2 days earlier. Central as well as State Govt. are taking every necessary step to prevent it to spread.

Not only the medical facilities, Governments are taking care of basic amenities of every citizen of the country. There are several types of schemes are run under which people are getting free food, ration and basic survival kit for free.

At this darkest hour everyone is coming forward for financial help too. Defence Personnel have donated their one day pay to PM Care Fund. Employees from private sectors are also doing their bit. Recently Baba Ram Rahim led Dera Sacha Sauda also offered their help of Rs. 4 Crores, which is yet to be accepted by HC. At the same time, Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing also has been observed to serve the humanity in several ways like sanitizing areas, distributing dry ration and cooked food. Famous personalities like Akshay Kumar, Ratan Tata, Shah Rukh Khan and many more have offered the helping hand in this crisis.

Preventive Measures to Stop Coronavirus

coronavirus precautionary measures - relish doze

“Prevention is better than the cure”. In this period of Coronavirus, this is the best quote which we need to keep in mind and practice everyday. From social distancing to wearing a mask, everything is important to fight this evil. To ensure the security and safety of ours and our family let’s take care of these small things we jotted down here.

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  • Keep a sanitizer handy.
  • Practice Meditation with Pranayam to keep yourself calm.
  • Include Cottage cheese, pistachios and turmeric in daily diet.
  • Boil basil leaves in the tea or milk to boost immunity.
  • Keep an eye on news and follow the guidelines issued by govt. official.

If we decide to stay healthy, we really can. We just need to take care of small things and big things will fall into place. Also, watch your body and how it is reacting. In case you see any symptoms like breathlessness, dry cough, high fever, feel free to reach out to the doctors for medical assistance.

We as a country are doing a great job by following the lockdown religiously. Let’s keep doing the same and defeat Coronavirus. Stay home, Stay Safe!

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