7 Awesome Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

7 Awesome Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are a big deal. It is a once in a lifetime thing, so better be ready to leave no stone unturned in making it the best.  We plan everything from a creative photographer to the dazzling outfits, from an amazing venue to a lip smacking menu and from the perfect schedule to the most beautiful decoration.

Often we forget about the main decoration we have at our event which is our beloved ones or I should say our wedding guests.  So, what will your guests be doing when you and your partner would be busy making poses for your wedding album?

The day is undoubtedly about you and your partner. It is a celebration of the bonding of you two together but at the same time your guests are also the part of this amazing journey you two have. With you being the centre of attraction, your guests’ happiness also needs to be on the platter. To save you from that dilemma, we have gathered seven awesome ways to entertain your wedding guest without you being worried about them on your special day. So, Let us get started.

Photo Corner or Selfie Wall

Photo Corner or Selfie Wall - Relish Doze

In the times of Instagram and Facebook, we all need pictures to keep the world updated about our life. A well set up photo corner can be one of the best ways to keep your guests happily engaged. Not only girls, even boys are up for a photo shoot now a days.

Icing on the cake, if you can arrange a dedicated photographer at that counter for them. He can click their pictures in their favourite poses and later on, those pictures can be gifted to your guests as a thank you gesture or return gift.


Karaoke to Entertain Wedding Guests - Relish Doze

Having a DJ at your wedding is very common. Why don’t you try something new and exciting? Bring all those bathroom singers forward and let everyone have some fun. Karaoke is an engaging and exciting activity for your guests.

It is not only going to entertain everyone else, at the same time it can be a nostalgic journey for you as well when your entire family participates by singing songs which are connected to you or your memories in any way. In this activity you will get not only tracks from Bollywood, but also some local folk songs from your mother and aunts and that is what weddings are all about.

Bouncy Castle

Let us not forget we have some kids as well to attend this big day of yours. To save those kids from awkward silence and boredom before dinner is served, a bouncy castle can be a saviour. It serves two purposes at the same time. First, it keeps the kids engaged and happy. Second, it keeps the parents worry free as well, and they can also have their own space in the meantime.

Your Story on Video

Pre wedding shoots are in now a days. Why to save that video to post later on social media? You can ask your photographer or wedding planner to arrange a big screen at the venue. You can display your pre wedding shoot video and pictures there. Also you can make slideshow with music in the background or you can narrate your love story in a pre-recorded format. Your guests are so much interested in knowing how you guys met and how you guys fell in love, so give them this pleasure by watching you on the big screen and know all about you.

Serve Street Food

Food is the second best inspiration which attracts a lot of people to the weddings, you being the first of course. Ditch that traditional menu on your day and try to arrange some counters for street food. Be it kids or grownups, the love for street food remains in everyone’s hearts forever. Treat their taste buds with the delicacies like different kinds of chaats, bhaturaas, kulchaas, bhels and paavs.

Mr and Mrs Quiz

Days of thinking and hours of hard work go into dressing up for a wedding function. Your guests have put in all the efforts to look their best on your d day. It is time to reward all those beautiful ladies wrapped in their respective sarees, gowns and glamorous dresses and all those uncles dressed up in their dhoti kurtas and suits.

Mr. and Mrs. Contest can be a huge surprise as well as overwhelming activity for your guests. You can draft a criteria to judge them for the contest. Your sisters and BFFs can be very helpful in picking the best among all for you. Arrange a few gifts beforehand and rock on your day.

Family Performances

This one take a lot of time to prepare as it requires proper rehearsals and management. You can ask your family and friends to give a stage performance on your wedding day. They can prepare it advance and it can be a fun ride for all of you. Usually these performance sessions bring out the emotions of your loved ones and what else can be a day to shower love upon you by them? They would happily do it for you and make your day even more memorable.

Hope these ideas would help you in making your wedding day full of fun, happiness and lots of laughter. All the best!

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