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10 Common Dieting “Tricks” That Are Actually Dangerous

Most of the people make their food choices based on the popular opinions, consciously or subconsciously. These popular and conventionally accepted views of the modern diet and human health have undergone a drastic change.

Unfortunately, in the name of busy schedule, people nowadays have clearly misunderstood and have adopted a diet that is not healthy at all and can cause several adverse effects on human health. We get stuck in the loop of earning more and more money for luxury, but, what is the point if we have to spend that on health issues in the hospital?

In our everyday life, we become so laid back that we don’t pay attention to our diet and end up gaining weight. One does not take out time for exercise, so most people think of dieting to lose the extra pounds.

A huge number of unproven diet plans are available over the internet. We just look at the lucrative diet plans and start following any one of them which appeals to us. Here, we are listing 10 such popular common dieting tricks that are actually dangerous and hence should be avoided.

Intermittent Fasting

Is Intermittent Fasting safe? Relish Doze

Intermittent fasting is good when done at regular intervals and with breaks. Recent studies have shown that intermittent fasting is not so safe when done as a long-term process. It helps you shed those extra pounds because it decreases your metabolism but it also has some negative effects on your body such as dehydration and nausea. It also deprives your body of vital nutrients which you otherwise took as meals.

Keto Diet

Is Keto Diet good? - Relish Doze

A keto diet is high-fat and low carb. In a shorter time frame, it improves your fat burning capacity but can also cause various diseases such as flu, poorer athletic performance, ketoacidosis, diarrhea, less muscle mass, decreased metabolism, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Ambiguous Protein Shakes

Ambiguous Protein Shakes not good for health? Relish Doze

Protein shakes reduces the calorie a person consumes per day but health care professionals don’t recommend this plan because it is good for a short term. These shakes contain a lot of sweeteners which improve flavor but also trigger blood spikes which could cause serious consequences.


how safe is detox tea - weight loss product - Relish Doze

Several detox tea and other variants labeled as ’weight loss products’ have been found to contain dangerous drugs and other chemicals. Moreover, these ingredients do not make it to the declaration list on the product packaging, keeping the customer unaware of what he is consuming.

One Food Diet

One Food Diet for losing weight is not good - Relish Doze

When you just focus on one food for the sake of losing weight, it has been seen that you’ll not get every nutrient. Cutting on the food and carbs will decrease fiber and Vitamin-B which will create another health issue to be dealt with.

Military Diet

Is military diet good - Relish Doze

Military diet consists of extremely specific low-calorie food which can help you shed up to 4 kilograms week. A week as per the military diet plan includes a 3-day meal routine compensated by 4 days off. This weekly cycle is repeated again and again until the desired weight number is reached. But, this diet has lead to people experiencing a lack of dietary fiber, lack of nutrients, gall stones and loss of muscle.

Activated Charcoal

Including activated charcoal in diet is good? Relish Doze

Including activated charcoal in diet is another trending one of the latest detox methods. Most of the research shows that eating activated charcoal can cause food poisoning. You can intake charcoal by consulting your doctor otherwise you should avoid it to stay healthy.

HCG Diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin diet - Relish Doze

The full form of HCG is “Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin” which is a hormone that releases during pregnancy in large quantities and can be extracted from the urine of a pregnant woman. It is injected into your body daily with severe calorie restrictions.

Celebrity Detoxes

are Celebrity detoxes are dangerous and harmful - Relish Doze

Celebrity detoxes are dangerous and harmful which are mostly used by celebrities and singers. Detox diets get rid of the toxins by having you consume fewer unhealthy substances. Most of the people use it after holidays when their bodies consume so many calories. You should avoid it because it’s also not good for your health as a long-term process.

Sugar-Free drinks and Juice

Sugar-Free drinks and Juice - Relish Doze

Diet drinks and sugar-free juices consumption is correlated with an increased risk of a wide range of problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure, metabolic issues, diabetics, obesity if stretched for a long period, and brain conditions such as dementia and stroke.

There is no single diet and way of eating that can benefit everyone and meet their needs. There is a diet that works for you and one that doesn’t. All nutritional strategies can be valid as long as they are applied at the right time, in the right way for the right person. Sometimes some diet plans harm rather than providing the benefits. So, one has to be very careful.

Reduced appetite and malnutrition are the problems that arise with the increased number of diets. It is difficult to maintain a regular diet when you are on the journey of a weight loss plan. The most common factor which is used for these dieting tricks is that they’re trying to maintain a system that tirelessly fights against the brain system that is always working. Temporary fixes can cause a lot of problems which happens when you stop maintaining your particular diet. So, if you are thinking about losing those extra kilos, think about a long-term process, not quick fixes.

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