Who are We & Where are We Heading in the World of Lost Humanity?

Who are we? This question seems simple and weird at the same time. Of course the obvious answer is we are humans and that’s true as well. As per our anatomy, we all are humans. We all have been blessed with a great body and a beautiful mind. But the question I want to raise today is, are we truly humans with our actions? Is humanity still alive within ourselves? Are we kind enough to take care of our surroundings which nature has blessed us with?

In the times when everyone is so self-centered that they are just confined to themselves and their families. Is there someone who walk an extra mile to bring a smile on a stranger’s face or work selflessly towards the improvement in others’ lives?

So, in the world of lost humanity, today we are going to make you aware about a few organizations which are keeping the humanity alive with their well-planned actions and conscious decisions.

You might not have heard about many of them as they are not brought in lime light by the main stream media very often, but they are really leaving their footprints behind for a brighter tomorrow. We have gathered the information about six such organization which are focusing upon many social issues which are ignored generally. So, here we go!

Dera Sacha Sauda

If we talk about a holistic approach to who are we and where are we heading, then there is one organization which justifies all the parameters. It is Dera Sacha Sauda. Dera Sacha Sauda was founded way back in 1948. It is a social spiritual organization. Currently, it is headed by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, who redirects people from the materialistic world to the minimalistic path of spirituality.

Dera Sacha Sauda works for 134 different kind of welfare activities - Relish Doze

The organization works for 134 different kind of welfare activities which includes drug deaddiction, disaster relief management, cleanliness campaigns, tree plantation, blood donation, women empowerment, eunuch empowerment, saving girl child, rehabilitating acid attack survivors and even prostitutes, saving the lives of road accident victims, feeding stray animals and birds etc.

The most unique humanitarian work they do is to rehabilitating prostitutes and get them married in well off families. It is the organization which filed petition to give the title of third gender to transgender and it was accepted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. They also take care of abandoned girl child by providing them good accommodation and education. Anyone can volunteer to be a part of this organization and serve the mankind. Currently, it has above sixty five million volunteers working across the globe.


Bhumi is a youth volunteered non-profit organization with it’s location across the country. It is an independent organization which was founded by Bharti Enterprises. Bhumi is focused upon environment, education in rural areas, animals and community welfare. They believe in providing an equal and fair world for one and all.

Bhumi is focused upon environment, education in rural areas, animals and community welfare - Relish Doze

They have categorized their works in two categories which are Ignite and Catalyze. Under Ignite program they take care of the education for the underprivileged children and under Catalyze program they work towards health, environment and animal welfare etc. Bhumi also offers internship if anyone is willing to become a volunteer with them. Volunteers can opt to work as a part time teacher and devote minimum of two hours per week. Volunteers can also opt for event to event tasks as per their availability.


Goonj was founded by Anshu Gupta in the year 1999 with a vision of providing aid to people in rural or disaster affected areas. Goonj is focused upon humanitarian aid, community development and disaster relief. In urban areas, it is common that people discard goods before even they are completely utilized.

Goonj - to aid people in rural or disaster affected areas - Relish Doze

Goonj has created a network nation-wide that they collect clothes and other urban items from urban areas and supply them to the communities who are underprivileged, live in rural areas or the victim of any natural disaster. Their supplies include stationaries, clothes, any kind of goods, sanitary pads etc. Goonj also offers an internship program to the volunteers.

Usually the internships are for the period of one month. Volunteers can email their resume to them and then a three phased selection process takes place. As per the qualification and interest, volunteers can opt for their multiple programs like Women’s Dignity and Menstruation,  School to School where you work with children, Going Green etc.

Make Love Not Scars

make love not scars - focusses upon the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors - relish doze

Make Love Not Scars was founded by Ria Sharma in the year of 2014. It focusses upon the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors. Every year thousands of acid attacks are reported and reach the legal platforms and there are many which go unreported too. The organization has been successful in rehabilitating more than fifty such survivors.

They try to get them involved with multiple activities like soap making, jewelry making etc. The aim is to make them independent so that they can lead a respectful life. If you want to become a volunteer with them, then you can just email your resume with them and they would get back to you shortly.

HelpAge India

HelpAge India focusses upon needy elderly citizens of India - Relish Doze

HelpAge India was founded in the year 1960. It focusses upon needy elderly citizens of India. It aims to provide better living conditions and quality healthcare to the elderly. It also works towards taking actions against elder abuse. It has been successful in serving thousands of elderly since its foundation. If you also want to contribute towards this great cause then, HelpAge India invites people to volunteer, become an intern or work with them.

Ipas Development Foundation

Ipas Development Foundation is working since the year 2000. It focusses upon spreading awareness about contraceptives, abortion and preventing deaths due to pregnancies. They reach rural areas and teach women about the usage of contraceptives so that they can prevent unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

Ipas - spreading awareness about contraceptives, abortion and preventing deaths due to pregnancies - Relish Doze

They started their journey with a pilot project in three districts and today they are running their operations in twelve states. It is one of the very few organizations which work towards the betterment of women’s reproductive health.  If you have medical background then you can opt to volunteer with them. Also, they hire candidates. You can simply visit their website and apply.

There are many other unnamed and unrecognized organizations which you can find in your area. They are working day in and out for the wellbeing of others. In the times, when we are losing a touch of kindness, humanity and selflessness, it is a great escape to be a part of such drives and attain peace. Believe me, nothing can be more satisfying than bringing a smile on the face of a struggling soul, and henceforth find the real purpose behind this human birth, which is making a difference.

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