Green Gold is The Best Investment: Earns Environment That is Worth Living In

We at some point in time feel the need that it is the correct time to make a certain investment. We weigh several aspects of an investment before we devote our resources to it. It’s locking period, liquidity, returns and security. Based on our analysis, we invest in mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, shares, debentures, etc. But have you ever invested in “Green Gold”? Yes! You read it right! An investment made in “Green Gold” is the best decision that anyone could make in their lifetime.

Well, Green Gold is that form of Gold that is as green as a tree and as golden as the future provided by it! So, Green Gold investment is nothing but it is the investment for the environment which is generally called “Tree Plantation.” This won’t earn the money for us, but this Green Gold Investment provides us and the future generations with an environment that is worth living in.

On the other hand, with the depleting level of ecological balance, high rate of global warming and increasing impact of ultraviolet rays of the sun, and many more imbalances are occurring because we are so busy in our comfort zone that we are overlooking the fact that there is deforestation happening, which needs to be checked to keep the environment greener.

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This is not just the concern for the one district, state, or one nation but it is the global concern and for that, we have to take this seriously and should at least plant a tree once a year and nurture them as well. We can start by planting one tree once a year. Since we cannot entirely eliminate the uses of products derived from trees, but we can certainly compensate for the deforestation by planned restoration of green cover.

Since I mention that it is a global concern, to ensure that it is not being ignored, many organizations are involved in this task of Green Gold Investment that is Tree Plantation. But the thing is not everyone is aware of these organizations who are contributing towards nature. So, let’s get to know about these organizations so that we can also volunteer for Tree Plantation.

Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda is a socio-spiritual organization based in Sirsa, Haryana. This organization is involved in near about 134 social welfare activities which include blood donation, ration distribution, posthumous body donation, kidney donation, cleanliness campaign, tree plantation drive, and many more.

dera sacha sauda - tree plantation - green gold investment - Relish Doze

It is said that the volunteers of this organization plant trees on the occasion of the Birthday of their current Guru popularly known as Baba Ram Rahim to present the same as the gift for His Birthday. Moreover, the survival rate of the trees planted by the volunteers is near about 90%. They have planted more than 45 million trees to date and not only this, their volunteers work overseas also to plant the trees.


A non-profit organization which is run by the high school students or rather we should say, it is run by the volunteers from the young generation which come together for social causes such as helping an underprivileged or economically weaker section of the society.

Parvaah - Relish Doze

Moreover, these volunteers conduct tree plantation drives from time to time to aware people of their duty towards nature. Parvaah operates with the tag line which reads as “It’s time to give back to the environment”. This is somewhere holds to today’s situation also, it is the correct time that we should start working for the environment and least we can do is Green Gold Investment that is Tree Plantation.

Isha Foundation

Isha foundation was founded by Sadhguru and for the people of Isha, Sadhguru is the inspiration behind social and environmental initiatives. Out of various social works pursued by the foundation, one of them is called “Green Hand” which, as the name suggests, is related to the environment; to be precise it is related to Tree Plantation.

Isha Foundation - Relish Doze

They are conducting awareness by gifting their loved ones a tree to celebrate their special days such as birthdays or anniversaries. Moreover, in making their initial work they are involved in projects such as Trees for Life, Trees for All, Green School Movement, etc. So, we can also be a part of this environment saving cause by gifting a tree which won’t only give a unique impression but in this way we can create awareness among others.

Green Yatra

Green Yatra - involved in many environmental-related initiatives - Relish Doze

Green Yatra is an NGO that started in 2008 with the motto of “Be the Change, Bring the change”. They are involved in many environmental-related initiatives such as Pedh Lagao, Sustainable Solutions, Ecosystem Rejuvenation, Green Schools, etc.

Their vision is to plant 10 crore trees by 2025 all over India including urban areas. Surprisingly, their survival rate is 90% as per the sources’ information. They are using different methods to plant and grow the trees rapidly. Green Yatra is one of the renowned NGOs for planting trees and conducting campaigns all over India.

Say Trees

Say Trees - Relish Doze

Say Trees was founded by individuals in Bangalore. This is the organization where you can volunteer, and they help the institution or companies to make the most of their CSR that is corporate social responsibility. They believe that it is important that people should understand just like lungs are important to breathe, in the same way, trees are lungs of the earth and this is the reason one should save trees or plant trees. Their projects involve planting trees with the new techniques of forestation which make trees grow faster.

Many more organizations are there which are involved in Green Gold Investment. But these are the notable ones. We cannot ignore even the single contribution towards nature or the environment.

Clean Earth, Green Earth, this should not be written only on the hoardings, but we have to take this forward by joining hands with these organizations to contribute our bit towards nature. So from today onwards we should plant and nurture the tree, at least we can start it by planting one tree once a year. As told earlier, we make investments for future purposes then why not invest in the environment for the future generation who can learn a lesson that how their previous generation preserved and protected the environment.

This is high time to make the earth cleaner and greener by investing in Green Gold Investment. Do your bit today for nature and for posterity as well!

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