Maintain a Healthy Daily Hair Care Routine According to Your Hair Type

Maintain a Healthy Daily Hair Care Routine According to Your Hair Type

Hair is the first thing which is noticed by anyone in your personality. It is truly the maker or the breaker of your look. We all long for shiny, soft and frizz free hair but the question is that how to achieve that perfect look? The catch here is that if you need to get shinier and great looking hair, it needs to be healthy first. We are often focused more on our skin care routine and forget about the importance of hair care routine. You would be amazed to know that there is a good chance of you not having a supple soft skin if you do not have a healthy scalp or hair.

Before you start with your hair care, it is important that you know your hair type. Your hair type decides the kind of treatment required. Majorly there are four categories in which it can be divided:

  1. Straight
  2. Wavy
  3. Curly
  4. Kinky

Each hair type has its own pros and cons. No hair type is perfect, but if it is taken care of well, then it can become the perfect one for sure. You can pick the shampoos and conditioners as per your hair type. Now, we will share some simple tips to include in your daily routine to get the healthier hair.

Combing is the key

Combing is the key in Healthy Daily Hair Care Routine - Relish Doze

Combing your hair might seem very basic to you, but it is one of the game changers in maintaining the health of your hair. Combing keeps the hair free from getting entangled too tight. It prevents them from being too hard to deal with. It is not necessary to comb your hair 10 times a day. You can go with combing them once or twice a day. You just need to be gentle with your hair in doing so.

Oiling Is Essential

No matter what your hair type is, oiling is essential for everyone. Even if you have an oily scalp, still give your scalp a good massage for better circulation of blood. The only thing to take care is to keep the quantity in mind. The best way to oil your hair is to warm the oil of your choice and then apply it. If you have a steamer available at your place, then it is great to steam it to get maximum conditioning effect.

Oiling is Essential in Healthy Daily Hair Care Routine - Relish Doze

Otherwise, you can also wrap your head with a hot towel, which will help the oil to get absorbed more quickly and condition the hair well. If you do not want to go out with oily hair, then try to follow this routine 2 hours before you take a head bath. Apply oil on the scalp, take steam and then wash it after two hours. Oiling can also replace the need of using the conditioner post shampoo.

Heat is the Killer

We all have busy schedules and mostly we do not have time to let the hair dry naturally. Most of us use blow dryers to dry our hair. It is not a healthy routine choice at all. Equipment like dryers, iron or curlers apply excessive heat on the hair which damages them. The best way to dry your hair is naturally; otherwise you can pick a micro-fiber towel.

using blow dryers is not a healthy choice - Relish Doze

These towels are highly absorbent. They help in drying the hair faster than other fabrics. Of course, there will be occasions when you need to iron or curl your hair. In that case, you can apply a heat protectant spray before you start the procedure. It would negate the effect to an extent. Occasional treatment is not that damaging as you have time to let your hair recover. Try to avoid using these on a regular basis.

Trim Whenever Necessary

Trim whenever Necessary - Relish Doze

Most of us wish for long hair and sometimes it becomes a reason that we do not want to go for a regular hair cut or even a trim. Trimming does not help in better growth of the hair. It actually helps in keeping away the split ends and gives your hair a better look. If you have short hair, then every four to six week you might need a trim. If you have long hair then decide for yourself and go for a trim when you get breakouts or split ends.


healthy food for healthy hair - Relish Doze

Applying different range of products on your hair will help you from outside, however; food is the source which will help you to maintain healthy hair by providing nourishment from inside. Nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin E and biotin are a great source which can help you in hair growth. You can include leafy vegetable, seeds, nuts and dairy products to nourish your hair from within. You can also approach a dietician who can help you in a better way to decide a diet chart as per your requirement and choices.

We hope that you apply these tips and have a beautiful mane! Do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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