Effective Tips for Working and Studying from Home Online in COVID-19

Life is a roller coaster ride, uncertain, challenging and full of ups and downs. But what is the best part of a roller coaster? The thrill and fun it gives you, isn’t it? Likewise, challenges do arrive in our lives which we often term as problems. Problems may surround us underneath these problems, there are opportunities to learn and grow. You may never know what time and life have decided for you, but trust me, if you stay positive, they will make you learn and grow no matter how tough the situation is.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought every work to a halt. Despite knowledge and understanding, we could never envisage such a situation which has arisen. Education is a process which gives actual result when a learner stays regular. Not just in education, but in every work, perseverance matters a lot and makes all the difference. To maintain your routine, there’s a plenty of solutions which can help you study and work from home. Video conferencing can keep you connected by staying in home and you can even get your work done. You can review, revise and even memorize your studies. Follow these guidelines to make your working and studies effective.

Understand Your Working

To actually reap the fruits of your hard work, you need to understand your working, that why you are doing this, what it is, how it can be helpful to you if you. Yes, it’s true that most of the working has shifted from manual to technical working owing to this global issue (COVID -19), now we need to first understand and then infer about solutions.

Reliable Internet Access

Most important thing while doing online courses is that you need effective and reliable internet. Your working depends on your internet performance. If you have non-reliable internet, it will cause trouble further while you’re working. Choose good quality internet connection so that working does not get affected.

Study Place

work from home - Relish Doze

While studying, there should be a place where you can sit and focus, without getting distracted by surroundings. An isolated place can help you concentrate on your working and enhance your learning. Silence gives birth to positive thoughts. As long as you remain calm and isolated, you will progress. It is also a good idea to keep a house plant around your study so that it keeps you fresh, relaxed and active.

Identify your working objective

Every work has an objective, whenever you learn or work, there’s an underlying objective. Are working just to stay connected to your work and contacts? Or, you’re actually adding some value to the chain? Whatever answer justifies your working, purpose matters a lot. So, you must identify and define your working objective.

Build your plans

Create your Plan

To reach your objective, you need to travel a desired path. Your desired path has small steps and moving on those steps you can achieve your goals. Everyone has their own objectives, so no one else can create your plan. You have your objective and your objective has few steps, so you have to create a plan which can help achieve the objective.

Time Management

To do each work within the timeline, you need to prioritize and manage your time well. This way, you will build better personality and connections, which will help in getting desired results. Time management makes you achieve your results quickly.

Strictly follow your plans

Plans are useless if they aren’t followed. It is futile to complain when you don’t get desired results, if you deviated from the plan. So strictly follow your plan so that you can achieve your goals. Well, it is so because when you don’t follow your plan, the moment you gain success is delayed, it might even get blurred. If you don’t want to delay your success, stick to your plan.

Ask for help, if you find anything difficult

No one in this world is born-perfect. We have few qualities and shortcomings, and with these, we move forward. We can only improve if we accept our flaws, and don’t live in denial. So don’t hesitate if you find any difficulty with your working and learning. When you ask for help, you will get a different perspective and hopefully, a solution. But, if you don’t take help, you may stay confused which will create problem in your further working.

Make Notes, Read, Understand and Memorize

While learning online or working, it is an important thing to make notes. Your notes summarize your thoughts which further helps in understanding. Notes are useless if you don’t read them so read quickly after you write, try to understand what actually these thoughts are making you learn and then memorize your understanding.

Take a break to refresh your mind

While working online, one problem which often comes is that our eyes and mind get tired easily and if this problem arises, do take it seriously. It’s a sign that your mind needs a break. Drink water and close your eyes for five minutes. Then get up and go for a short quick walk to refresh your mind.


Discussion is an art of learning, when you write and read, your thoughts remain in your mind; you understand and memorize it but you actually begin to learn when you discuss with someone who is studying the same thing. When two people discuss a topic it makes them both reach the depth of their thoughts.

Maintain Self – Esteem

A good teacher keeps the students motivated, but at this time, I think everyone should be self motivated. Why? So that we don’t give up and only by staying positive, we can get the desired result.

All in all, be so committed to self-growth that it encourages those around you to grow as well.

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